The founder of GameSource, Mr. Lam Iao, talking about the development trend of game technology at G2E Asia Financial Technology Forum

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Mr. Lam Iao, Managing Director of "Pacific Intellectuals Alliance(Macau) Limited & International Alliance Limited" participated the G2E Asia Financial Technology Forum and shared his view of point about the development trend of game technology. He mentioned:


「In order to attract new players, we trying to subvert the traditional operation pattern on the gaming platform. GameSource is like a “Gaming App Store for Casino”…… GameSource is an open platform for the further, many things could happen in the future. We are always ready! 」


That explained why the research and development team of the International Alliance Limited would have created “GameSource”, the entertainment gaming cloud platform that might subvert the traditional slot machine operating model.


Four years ago, while Mr. Lam Iao realized that there was an unhealthy growth, competition and saturation in the online gaming market, he decided to set up a new generation of the entertainment gaming cloud platform with the research and development team, tried to break the stagnation of the old-style slot game. The significant breakthrough of  “GameSource” is that it can be infinitely updated the game content to the Cloud System, allowing users to experience this infinite entertainment in every casino installed "GameSource", and it is already patented in 10 cities around the world.


Speaking of the business philosophy, Mr. Lam Iao hopes the team can enjoy their achievement and make good use of the advantage of Macau as being a well-known entertainment city. Coordinate with the government's position in order to build the Macau's first certified global entertainment gaming cloud platform and work with the Macau entertainment industry.