GameSource terminals officially launched at MGM Macau

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Local gaming technology developer International Alliance Systems Limited (IAS) has officially launched its GameSource powered new terminals at MGM Macau.

About eight fixed terminals and four hand-held computer tablets were now made available in the integrated resort near VIP areas, using the company’s Service as a Service (SaaS) software.

GameSource is a platform that allows any pre-registered PC-based display device to be used as a player terminal, with a personalised interface, while allowing operators to choose from an array of certified slot, house, and virtual sports games.

The platform allows gaming operators to select some of the 80 games available in GameSourcs, with seven games available at the now available MGM Macau terminals.

“We’ve been working hard for the last four to five years. It has been a long journey […] We have waited for more than we expected, however, I’m proud of it […] it never happened in the industry that these kinds of platforms were accepted and approved,” the company’s CEO, Anthony Ip, said today.

Mr. Ip indicated to Macau News Agency, that the terminals at MGM took six months for design, production, testing, and certification, with newer terminals not yet installed having been certified in eight to nine months, something Mr. Ip described as “impressive” considering their complexity.

The more recent terminals are expected to be installed in MGM in the next two months, with Mr. Ip stating the company is working on more innovative contents, with partnerships with international developers

IAS’s partner Pacific Intellectuals Alliance (Macau) Limited (PIA) is the sole distributor of GameSource.

Founded in 2014, IAS is one of the few local-born companies focused on gaming technology research and development have already patented some of its technologies abroad, including Hong Kong and the US.

The company employs more than 100 IT employees, almost all from Macau, and has received a Gold Award for Innovation in this year’s 7th Annual Business Awards of Macau for GameSource.

By Nelson Moura

SOURCE: Macau Business